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How to Home Brew Beer in Your Kitchen


There are many reasons and advantages to learning how to make beer, so go ahead, and jump right in!

Commercially Produced Beers- craft beer industry

  • First, it can be cheaper than buying commercially produced beers. Plus, you can brew a beer that is much better. Producing beer will cost you money, especially when you are first getting started learning how to make beer. However, over time, you will recoup the costs. It will also be an enjoyable experience learning how to make beer, so money spent will be a worthwhile investment of your time, money, and effort.
  • Second, learning how to make beer presents many different ways and approaches to producing beer, so it is a constant learning experience. This hobby turns into an obsession for many, and can provide you with a pastime that you will become passionate about.
  • Third, home brewing is environmentally friendly. Large scale commercial breweries require large machinery to produce beer. These machines require energy to run. These burning fuels contribute to greenhouse gasses and emissions. The breweries also rely on transportation to distribute the beer, and this also requires fuel burning.

If you learn how to make beer at home, you will not likely cause the downfall of those great breweries, but at least say you are doing your part to go green. Visit this site for more information : http://www.microbrewingcorner.com

  • Fourth, in learning how to make beer you can cause the process personalized to suit your tastes and preferences. You can determine what types of beers you make. Whatever qualities you like about beer are what you can strive for in your home brewing. You can experiment with different ingredients and methods as you learn more about how to make beer, and this will allow you to brew many types of different beers that aren’t available from the mass produced beer companies.
  • Fifth, sharing your homebrew with others will make you more famous. Your friends will be impressed with your results and wish they could make delicious beer themselves. At the very least, they will enjoy drinking good quality beer.

And this is one of the best benefits of learning how to make beer.Its personally satisfaction of creating something that you enjoy and the feeling of achievement when peers recognize you as someone that can make delicious beer.

As a result, they will look at you as the brew master, and will look forward to trying whatever brews you come up with next. If you only give away your homebrew, you will be very popular. However, they may want you to brew beers for special occasions, and this might lead to making some money off of your craft beer industry.

You could even wind up with a small business endeavor, and then you would make some money home brewing. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason you learn how to make beer. Otherwise, you may not enjoy this hobby the way you should. Click here!

 Finally, there is the challenge.

There are many different ways to produce American craft beer, and there are many mistakes you can make along the way. However, sometimes the mistakes make the best beer. Home brewing allows for you to constantly try new things, or, if you reach a comfortable point, you can decide to simply brew the same delicious batches of beer over and over, and not try to experiment and progress into different brewing approaches continually.

No matter which way you go, you will have the challenge to tackle, and the satisfaction of knowing that you figured out how to do something, and do it well. No matter the reason you decide to learn how to make beer, there is one simple reason you should give it a shot. Why not?

How to Keg Home Brew Beer


Thousands of people want to know how to homebrew and it isn’t difficult to understand why the topic comes up regularly in discussions. Though, home brewing beer is quite an achievement and it can be quite simple to do. However, do you know how to keg your home brewed beer? If not, the following steps should help you considerably.

Cold Crash

Some people seem to think they don’t need to do this step but it can be such a good idea to consider cold crashing the beer. Your beer should still be in your fermenting unit so you don’t want to actually remove the beer from the unit yet. Cold crashing is all about cooling the beer so you need a good container to hold your fermenting unit too. The temperature should be no more than thirty five degrees Fahrenheit and you will need to leave the beer to cold crash for two days at the most. American craft beer can take great as long as you keg it properly.

Sanitize the Keg

This step is crucial when it comes to producing your beer. Your keg absolutely must be fully cleansed and sanitized which is very simple to do. Your keg must be soaked with a brewery wash for twelve hours, if not twenty four hours. Once this is done you can remove the wash and rinse with water. Learning how to homebrew can be simple but most forget the sanitization part.

Removing the Oxygen from the Keg

Once you have ensured the keg is cleansed you must look at purging the oxygen from the keg. Basically you’re aiming to remove the oxygen so that the oxidation process doesn’t occur which can ruin the beer. To remove the oxygen you will need to take your CO2 line and attach it onto the valve, gas in valve, and release the pressure release valve. American craft beer is only going to taste good once the oxygen is gone.

Pouring the Beer in the Keg

You have learned how to homebrew and now it’s time to add the beer into the keg. So, firstly you will need to transfer the beer from the fermenting unit into the keg. There are quite a few options to do this but it is usually very simple to do. All of the connections need to be set up correctly so that the beer doesn’t spill. Once you have transferred the beer, you will need to purge again but it works the same as before.

Carbonate the Beer

This part of the process varies depending on the method you prefer best. However, it doesn’t take a considerable period of time and usually doesn’t cause too many issues. Once you have carbonated your beer and allowed it to sit for a few days you can go ahead and test out the beer. American craft beer can taste wonderful!

Homebrewed Beer

There are going to be thousands who will say home brewing beer is a lot of hassle and while it can seem very complicated to beginners, it isn’t overly complicated. Once you have a few runs at home brewing beer and transferring it into the keg, it is a lot of fun and very simple too! Learn how to homebrew and keg your beer and you will love it!

Find out more in our post here: http://www.delawareriverfoodandwine.com/ten-top-tips-home-brewing-beer/

Ten Top Tips for Home Brewing Beer



If you begin to brew with dry yeast, opt for liquid yeast. If you are a concentrate brewer, search for new concentrate instead of a can that is quite a long while old. Store fluid yeast in the fridge, grains in a cool dry place, and bounces in the cooler. Bounces, dry malt, yeast, fluid malt and ground grains all have a constrained timeframe of realistic usability and must be utilized rapidly. Ground grains, dry malt and fluid malt will oxidize after some time and this will give you the answer to how to homebrew.

Get your Work done

Designing incredible American craft beer is one section science and one section craftsmanship. Changing to fermenting programming can have any kind of effect in your preparing as it gives you the chance to compute the shading, sharpness and unique gravity in advance to coordinate you’re blending style.

Keep It Sterile

Anything that touches your American craft beer after it has begun cooling must be sterilized utilizing any of the mainstream disinfecting arrangements. The period promptly after you cool your American craft beer is especially basic as microscopic organisms and different contaminations are well on the way to grab hold before the yeast has begun.

Cool the Wort Quickly

Cooling your American craft beer rapidly will build the aftermath of proteins and tannins that are terrible for your brew and will likewise decrease the possibility of disease. An inundation wort chiller is a moderately economical venture that will enhance the clarity and nature of your brew. Cooling is especially critical for full clump bubbles.

Control Fermentation Temperature

Though couple of brewers have committed aging coolers, there are basic routines you can use to keep up a consistent temperature for beers amid maturation. The best system I’ve seen is to pick a cool, dry region in your home and afterward wrap the fermenter in wet towels and place a fan before it. Wet the towels like clockwork or thereabouts, and you ought to get an enduring maturation temperature in the 66-68F range. Check here : http://www.microbrewingcorner.com/ .

Switch to a Full Batch Boil

Boiling the majority of your wort will advantage to your American craft beer. If you are just bubbling 2-3 gallons of a 5 gallon clump, then you are not getting the full advantages of a 60-hour and a half bubble. The buy of a 7-12 gallon blend pot and open air propane burner are incredible middle strides for moving to all-grain preparing and the full bubbles will enhance you.

Make a Yeast Starter

While pitching straightforwardly from a tube or parcel of fluid yeast is OK, your brew will age better if you make a yeast starter first. Bubble up a little measure of dried malt extricate in a quart of water with 1/4 oz. of bounces. Cool it well and after that pitch your yeast into it 2-3 days before you blend. Introduce some foil or an isolated space over it and spot it in a cool dull area. At the point when blend day comes, contributing your starter will come about a faster begin and less danger of contamination or off flavors. Click here.

5 beers to enjoy during American Craft Beer Week


It is just a must to drink American craft beer during the American craft beer week. There is nothing else that you should drink during this week. Beer is one of our greatest drinks that are still popular, after many years. And, during the craft beer week, you should at least drink a beer a day. If you are not familiar with beers and what beer you should be drinking during the craft beer week, then you should read this. Here are a couple of different beers that you can enjoy during the American craft beer week.

Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA from the Odell Brewing Company is one of the most famous beers that you will find in America. This is because the beer has a more fruity taste than the taste of beer. For those who want to drink beer this American craft beer week, should try this beer. It will leave a great taste in your mouth. It is really refreshing and great tasting.

Sweet Baby Jesus

Sweet Baby Jesus from DuClaw Brewing Company is a very dark beer, but it is one of the most delicious dark beers that you will find. You won’t believe it, but the taste of the beer is the flavor of peanut butter and chocolate. This is very unusual for beer, but you will know why it is so a great tasting beer, when you drink it for the first time. And, what better time to drink this beer than on the American craft beer week. See more here.

Kick the Can IPA

Kick the Can IPA from the company Take 16 Brewing Company is definitely the third beer that is highly recommended for the American craft beer week. This is a great beer, because of the unique hop character taste that is added to this beer. If you like the more original beer, then this is the beer that you should try during this week.


Maifest from the company August Schell Brewing Company is more a traditional beer that is tasting like the beer we know. If you don’t like to drink something weird or different, this is the beer that you should drink during this week. This is also a brewers company that is situated in America. So, why not drink a real American beer during this week. This will be a great choice.

Wooden Rooster

Wooden Rooster from the company Tallgrass Brewing Company is the first beer that was the first barrel aged released beer. There are many people that really like this beer, and if you like beer but didn’t taste this beer before, then you should try drinking this beer during the American craft beer week. There isn’t a better time to drink this beer.

There are many different kinds of craft beer that we can choose from. And, every type of beer has a different taste. And you might have your favorite beer that you are always drinking.  During the American craft beer week, you should at least try one kind of flavor beer that you never had drank before.

See more about the American craft beer here: http://www.craftbeer.com/news-and-events/american-craft-beer-week/about

What Is Great Wine Actually?

Great Wine

If you ask someone what actually Great Wine is, then you should know that this question has both no answer and about a zillion answers at the same time. Why is that? The answer, in fact, depends on the person you ask, particularly the time of asking.

There is no one type of wine drinker first of all. With that fact as our basis for moving ahead, you can see where you might come up with a gazillion different answers. I know there is no number relating to a Gazillion, but let it be enough that there are plenty of different types.

The range extends from the down and out street wino to the extremely upscale wine clubs found in the eastern seaboard of America. And then of course there are our European cousins that consume much more wine than we Americans do routinely.visit http://www.eater.com/drinks/2015/4/23/8470761/ask-a-somm-whats-the-best-wine-for-cooking for more details.

So who you ask about great wine will definitely influence the answer you get back.

So is the question even worth asking? From my perspective it is in fact. But who you ask may come as a surprise. You should ask yourself. That’s right. What you think is a great wine is all that is really important when it comes to drinking the grape nectar. After all, it’s your taste buds you are concerned with and not someone else’s. You want to please yourself. You want to experience pleasure when consuming a glass of wine.

What will play into and affect that experience is the surroundings with which you find yourself when drinking some wine. Why is that important, well there are some wines that just do not fit some occasions. And if you don’t know at least some basics, your wine selection could end with a very discomforting result.

Wine basics 101: there are White, Red and Rose’ in the color realm.

There are desert wines, wines that typically go well with certain types of foods and then there are wines that can be enjoyed just by themselves. Actually all wine fits this last category. It just depends on your mood and taste.

The days of wine snobbery are for the most part over. As the 21st century progresses, it has become more important for the individual to enjoy their selection than fitting a predetermined set of circumstances dictated by wine snobs. Those supposedly in the know.checkout the official website for related information.

While everything up till now is true, it’s pretty much an open game, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind. One is, you don’t want to select a desert wine such as Muscat to drink with dinner. That may seem like common sense and it is, but if you don’t know what Muscat is, then you could be at the front end of a very big surprise. Muscat is my favorite desert wine. As a child, I use to eat Muscat grapes fresh off the vine from wild grape vines that grew in our neighborhood. It was like free candy.

Up until recently, it was sort of taboo to drink white wine with red meat such as Beef, Veal, Venison or other game meats. Red was strictly the wine of choice. And to drink anything other was frowned upon by almost everyone. That is no longer true. It is completely acceptable to drink a white with a dinner steak. If that wine is to your liking, then do it.

So the old guidelines of food and wine pairings are not so much in vogue anymore. You will find that attitude at some upscale eateries that provide a wine Somalier. When faced with that situation, you just have to do what you feel comfortable doing.

Great Wine

But other than that, great wine is the wine that makes you smile. Maybe even giggle a bit. Champagne bubbles popping about your nose is likely to cause that reaction more so than any other.

So….Great wine, what is it? It’s the wine that you love to drink, regardless of other’s opinions and ideas. So go ahead and have that Merlot with sauteed Prawns over Linguine or a nice Pinot Gregio with your Rib eye. You have no one to please but yourself.